»McCoy Library, Christmas on the Square --McLeansboro, IL

»Stanley and Rosalie Kostecki 40th Anniversary -- Du Bois, IL

»Behold the Lamb Production, Gruen Vocal Studio -- Fairfield

»Women's Hope Center Fundraising Banquet -- Mt. Vernon, IL

»Judgement House, Orchardville Church -- Orchardville, IL

» Art Event -- Lawrenceville, IL

»Governor Ogelsby's Mansion -- Decatur, IL

»Cedarhurst - Member Appreciation Dinner -- Mt. Vernon, IL

»Cedarhurst - Major Donors Dinner -- Mt. Vernon, IL

»Garden Clubs of Indiana State Convention -- New Harmony, IN
»Doll Lover's weekend - Charitable Event -- New Harmony, IN
»Fairfield Memorial Hospital's Kitchen/Dining Hall Dedication
»Bitterman Mini Shoppes -- Evansville, IN
»Wayne City "Class of 1954" 60th Reunion -- Wayne City
»Harp Demonstration at Johnston City Summer Reading   
»Homemakers Extension Annual Meeting of Pope and Hardin 
  Co. -- Golconda
»Homemakers Extension Annual Meeting of White County -- 
»Illinois Association of Home Community Education State 
  Convention Banquet
»Harp Demonstration at Farrington School -- Bluford, IL
»Harp Demostration at the Primary Center -- Mt. Vernon. IL
»Gamma Upsilon Sweetheart Banquet -- Geff, IL
»Horizon Healthcare Open House - Fairfield 2011
»Evansville IN. Museum - 2011, 2012
»50th Anniversary Celebration for Keith and Carol Willison - 
  Louisville, IL
»50th Anniversary Celebration for Jack and Barbara Rawlinson- 
  Crossville, IL
»25th Anniversary Celebration for Brent and Brenda Musgrave - 
  Fairfield, IL
»Ladies Tea at Camp Breckinridge - Morganfield, KY
»Mother’s Day Tea at First General Baptist Church - Fairfield, IL
»Mother’s Day Banquet at Ellery Christian Church - Ellery, IL
»Mother’s Day Banquet at Pleasant Grove Christian Church -
  Geff, IL
»Mother's Day Banquet at Pleasant Hill "The Brick" Church
»Compassion Pregnancy Center Annual Benefit Dinner - 
  2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
»Wayne County Retired Teachers Association meeting
»First violinist in SIC's production of Handel's Messiah 
  2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
»Fairfield Memorial Hospital Staff Christmas party 
  2009, 2010, 2012
»Instructor of classical technique at Wabash River Bluegrass 
  Camp 2010, 2011
»Participant in Albion, IL Community recital for 11 years



»Bluford Church of God -- Bluford, IL

»New Hope Baptist -- Fairfield, IL

»Zion United Methodist Church -- West Salem, IL

»Antioch Christian Church -- Texico, IL 

»Deer Creek Baptist --Deer Creek, IL

»Salem Church - Darmstadt, IN

» Harlan Road Church of God - Mt. Vernon, IL - 2 occasions

»Norris City Christian - Norris City, IL

»Old Union Missionary Baptist -Mt. Vernon, IL

»Louisville Christian Church - Louisville, IL
»Crossroads Bible Church, Norris City, IL
»Grand Avenue Baptist - Carterville, IL
»First Baptist Church of Greenville -  Greenville, IL - 3 occasions
»Mill Road Baptist - Evansville, IN
»Eddyville Methodist - Eddyville, IL
»Woodlawn Church - Iuka
»Abundant Life - Fairfield
»Donoho Prairie Christian Church - Mt. Vernon
»Carmi Presbyterian Church - Carmi - 2 occasions
»Stone Creek Church - Urbana (Valentine Banquet)
»Clinton Presbyterian Church - Clinton
»Central Christian Church - Mt. Vernon
»Grace Chapel - Fairfield - 2 occasions
»Anna First Baptist - Anna
»Northside Baptist - Fairfield - 2 occasions
»Pleasant Grove Baptist - Fairfield - 2 occasions
»First General Baptist - Fairfield - 2 occasions
»Ellen Moore Methodist - Fairfield
»First United Methodist - Fairfield - numerous occasions under   the direction of Mr. Tom Tucker
»King’s Chapel - Fairfield
»Pleasant Grove Christian Church - Geff - 2 occasions
»Pleasant Hill "The Brick" Church - Mt. Erie
»Ellery Christian Church - Ellery - 2 occasions
»Church of the Harvest - Wayne City
»Clearview Baptist - Mt. Vernon - 2 occasions
»Lighthouse Baptist - Harrisburg
»Gunion Christian Church - Cisne
»Clay City Church of God - Clay City - 2 occasions
»Salem Bible Church - Salem
»Salem General Baptist - Salem

Weddings and Receptions

»Chelsea Perry and Brian Albertson -- New Harmony, IN

»Emily Kaufmann and William Holder -- Centralia, IL

»Stephen Wursta and Deidre Weiss -- Haubstadt, IN

»Sarah Kemp and Captain Jonathan Arnold -- Carbondale, IL

»Blaine Bundren and Jerick Thetford --McLeansboro, IL

»Erin Jones and Justin Braddock -- Whittington, IL*

»Sandy Coplea and Owen Frankland -- Albion, IL

»Kaitlin Moore and Darren Morley -- Evansville, IN

»Erin Jones and Zach Thompson -- New Harmony, IN

»Emily Tepool and Isaac Damm -- New Harmony, IN*

»Tasha Adams and Kyle Bogard -- Oblong, IL*

»Brandon and Katherine Zanotti (reception) -- Carbondale, IL

»Hannah Lowe and Ronnie Hyder -- Fairfield, IL
»Lauren Taylor and Joshua Gentry -- Mt. Vernon, IL*
»Tessa Vaughan and Dereck McCormick -- Fairfield, IL*
»Brooke Stewart and Scott Wells --  New Harmony, IN
»Natalie Vaughn and Todd Garrison -- Fairfield, IL
»Traci Larson and Tyler Rueter -- Centralia, IL*

»Emilee Hayden and Christopher Kerner -- New Harmony, IN*
»Colleen Ikemire and Nathan Sweazy --New Harmony, IN
»Megan Tompkins and Caleb Rich -- Springfield, IL
»Amanda Lance and J. Curtis Goodwine -- Palestine, IL
»Jessica Pearce and Logan Bailey -- Makanda, IL*

»Rachel Muhs and Mitchell Washburn -- Olney, IL
»Jill Wallace and Rob Hearn -- Moweaqua, IL
»Stephanie Hart and Seth Gandrimas -- McLeansboro, IL*
»Ariel Lenon and Andrew Kabat -- Scheller, IL*
»Kelly Joest and Joel Attinger -- New Harmony, IN*

»Ashley Goeke and Jonathan Mohr -- Carterville, IL
»Janice Gualdoni and David Rose -- Enfield, IL*
»Melissa Davis and Daniel Hendrix -- Mt. Vernon, IL
»Heather Robertson and Michael Schuessler -- Golconda, IL*
»Tara Coplea and Jeremy Horton -- Albion, IL

»Melissa Smith and Anthony Guithues -- Cahokia, IL
»LeeAnne Kern and Jon Grote -- Salem, IL
»Danielle Davis and Stephen Seddio -- St. Louis, MO
»Sarah Lyons and Michael Prewitt -- Thompsonville, IL
»Catherine Cole and Christopher LePelley -- Mt. Vernon, IL

»Stacey Dehlinger and Leland Bunting -- New Harmony, IN
»Emily Jones and Zach Robson -- Mt. Vernon, IL*
»Brandi Winkleman and Dustin McCain -- Elizabethtown, IL*
»Medley Wilson and Clayton Ford -- Harrisburg, IL
»Melissa Welch and Scott Kittinger -- Carmi, IL

»Emily Ellis and Adam Ward -- Raleigh, IL
»Andrea Ewing and Adam Bowles -- New Harmony IN
»Suzanne Gabbart and Matthew Schnarre -- New Harmony, IN*
»Holli Vaughan and Heath Belva -- Cave in Rock, IL*
»Kira Harlan and Matthew Kash -- Mt. Vernon, IL

»Brett Fowler and Matthew Lewis -- Elizabethtown, IL*
»Michelle Moyes and Darin Milner -- Johnsonville, IL*
»Janie Greenwalt and Bruce Stephens --Wayne City, IL
»Leah Baumann and Bryce Holman -- Fairfield, IL
»Chelsea Childress and Cory Kalber -- Altamont, IL*

»Leslie Tanglao and Tracey Wilson --Fairfield, IL*
»Heidi Buchanan and Timothy Wright -- Washington, IN
»Alicia Tan and Nick Bittner -- Haubstadt, IN
»Tracy Vore and Joseph Holmes, Albion, IL
»Katy Gwaltney and Keith Stinson -- Fairfield, IL

»Amanda Gerrish and Chris Crawford -- Rend Lake, Whittington, IL*
»Whitney Cariens and Oscar Mendez -- Mill Shoals, IL
»Mindy Kelsey and Christopher Otey -- Fairfield, IL
»Elizabeth Thonney and Peter Hayhoe -- Vincennes, IN
»Kelli Bircket and Todd Breuer -- Fairfield, IL

»Sarah Gerrish and Joseph Folden -- Pinckneyville, IL
»Hannah Large and Buddy Harrison -- Fairfield, IL
»Tyra Holt and Brandon Cycholl -- Olney, IL*
»Sarah Borden and Michael -- Lawrenceville, IL*
»Jane Gobert and Nicholas LaFace -- Olney, IL

»Carol Ann Stennett and George Sherman, Jr. -- New Harmony, IN
»Morgan Simpson and Jess Duckworth -- Fairfield, IL
»Laura Breuer and Adam Link -- Mt Vernon, IL

*Outdoor wedding

Retirement Homes

»Willow Park -- Evansville, IN
»Brookstone -- Olney, IL
»Brookstone -- Harrisburg, IL
»Brookstone -- Fairfield, IL
»Greentree -- Mt. Vernon, IL

»Fox River Apartments -- Olney, IL
»Heritage Woods - Flora, IL
»Countryside Manor -- Mt. Vernon, IL
»Heritage Woods -- McLeansboro, IL

»Cisne Rehabilitation and Nursing Home -- Cisne, IL
»Wabash Christian Retirement Center -- Carmi, IL
»Hamilton County Nursing & Rehabilitation - McLeansboro, IL

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